Chaim Schlaff Dining Hall

The Chaim Schlaff Dining Hall at Chabad Haus Vienna, provides a soup kitchen and community meals for thousands of guests every year.

Throughout the week, breakfasts and dinners are served daily. In response to the war in Ukraine, the Chaim Schlaff Dining Hall grew to provide freshly prepared hot lunches. Through the turmoil, nearly 150 Ukrainian refugee adults and children were welcomed daily with the much needed kosher meals, hope and friendship.

The Chaim Schlaff Dining Hall is also well known for happily serving Shabbat and holiday meals to large crowds of visitors every week with warm hospitality. Additionally, Shabbat and holiday grocery packages are provided, in care for local families who can benefit.

All this is possible thanks to our dear friends Mr. Martin Schlaff and his daughter-in-law, Golda Schlaff who manages the project. With their continued support and contribution, the Chaim Schlaff Dining Hall continues its noble operation, named in honor of Mr. Schlaff’s father, Reb Chaim HaCohen Schlaff.